Pencil case for pens For Sale

Pencil case for pens in soft leather


₣ 30.00
Pencil case for pens in soft leather For Sale | Pinto leater
Soft pencil case for pens, pencils, brushes, ruler, eraser etc. In genuine calf leather. Classic triangular design with soft curves, sturdy and resistant case: ready for extreme use! ideal for both children and adults Large enough to also hold a ruler and brushes up to 18cm, suitable for school, college and office, exquisite and high quality product 1 x main compartment + 1 x durable zipper to stay in shape even from empty, perfect as a gift idea
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Pencil case for pens

Handmade Tuscan Leather

Each of our products embodies the essence of Tuscan craftsmanship, combining tradition and craftsmanship with the unparalleled quality of local leather. We use only Tuscan leather, handcrafted by expert artisans using techniques passed down through generations. This attention to detail and love for the material ensure a leather of extraordinary softness and durability, perfect for giving our items a timeless elegance.


  • Artisan Quality: Artisan Quality: Each piece is unique, the result of careful handwork that enhances the natural characteristics of the leather.
  • Tuscan Leather: Sourced from the best local suppliers, our leather is synonymous with excellence and durability.
  • Refined Design: Elegant lines and thoughtful finishes designed for those who appreciate beauty and authenticity.


By purchasing one of our products, you will not only choose a luxury accessory, you will also be supporting a centuries-old tradition of Tuscan excellence. Each item is the result of a manufacturing process that respects the environment and people, guaranteeing a final product that tells a story of passion and tradition.


Pinto Leather is a small atelier located in Agno, Ticino, Switzerland. Now you can also browse our shop. Is dedicated to produce the highest quality of handcrafted leather goods as possible. Leather vegetable tanned Tuscan leather.

All of our goods are crafted by a single craftsman. We use ethically sourced materials and our goods are fair trade made.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

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