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Bags | Wallets | Belts | all handmade in Switzerland, with vegetable tanned Tuscan leather

Leather goods

All products are handcrafted in Switzerland


Small leather wallet Boglia ₣ 80.00 CHF
Woman bag Brè ₣ 470.00 CHF
Men wallet Plattenberg ₣ 100.00 CHF
Small women bag Cristallina ₣ 100.00 CHF
Women leather backpack San Giorgio ₣ 350.00 CHF
Seamless leather wallet Lema ₣ 30.00 CHF
Shoulder bag for women Basòdino ₣ 130.00 CHF
Keychain with six hooks Gambarogno ₣ 40.00 CHF
Pencil case for pens Cardada ₣ 30.00 CHF
Leather document holder Generoso ₣ 70.00 CHF
Compact Women's Wallet Tamaro ₣ 60.00 CHF
Men shoulder bag San Salvatore ₣ 150.00 CHF

Vegetable tanned leather absorbs the traces of our life, it matures and transforms with the passage of time. The natural ageing does not compromise its qualities, it is a rare material that actually improves with use. It embodies the signs of time and use as the most personal expression of naturalness and truth.
Pinto Leather is produced by a craftsman of hand-made vegetable tanned leather products. Leather goods items including wallets, keychains, bags, belts.

The Italian leather purchased from Pinto Leather is a high quality vegetable tanned leather that you can enjoy the aging of the texture and color. The taste that deepens as you use it is the real thrill of using leather products. You can enjoy every change in any skin color, but especially the natural color Missouri leather tanned by La Perla Azzurra s.r.l. the color will change greatly as you use it and the expression will change too.

The tannery La Perla Azzurra s.r.l. is a Tuscan company with more than 45 years of experience in the production of entirely vegetable tanned shoulders, all leathers of European origin (mainly French)

The leather used is natural leather tanned by skilled artisan tanners in Tuscany, Italy. I make leather products that exploit the texture of the material, which increases in taste as you use it. Unlike mass production, the making of bags, wallets, belts and much more, PintoLeather constantly carries out all production processes, including design by hand. I believe that products that take time and effort will have the unique taste of craftsmanship and will be used with attachment for a long time.

Leather goods, bags wallets keychains belts in vegetable tanned


Pinto Leather is a small atelier located in Agno, Ticino, Switzerland. Now you can also browse our shop. Is dedicated to produce the highest quality of handcrafted leather goods as possible. Leather vegetable tanned Tuscan leather.

All of our goods are crafted by a single craftsman. We use ethically sourced materials and our goods are fair trade made.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

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